Tips on Trash Valet Service

In The News,

The door to door waste collection service (otherwise known as trash valet) is slowly becoming a staple for apartment communities in the Charleston Area, and across the country. While very few residents would rather take the trash down to the compactor/dumpster themselves, most people love the fact that one more “to do” is taken off of their list permanently! Although this top rated amenity has been around for over 30 years, there are some basic rules or guidelines that tend to get overlooked. These measures are put in place to ensure the community upholds its beautiful curb appeal…..not to mention keep some unwanted guests (or should I say pests) from stopping by. The list below provides a list of do’s and don’ts for anyone that is new to trash valet or for those who just need a quick refresher:


  • Ensure you trash is placed in the trash receptacle (this is usually supplied by your service provider upon moving in) when setting it out for service. This keeps the breezeways/hallways looking nice and reduces the possibility of stains.
  • Ensure bags are tied. This helps keep loose trash from spilling out or attracting bugs/pests.
  • Breakdown all cardboard boxes. Even items such as pizza boxes or shoe boxes can slowly take up a lot of room during service collection, causing longer (and later) service times.
  • Have your trash staged PRIOR to service times. A team of two experienced service valets can service a 300 unit property in 30-45 minutes on some nights! Every minute counts so having your trash out prior to service times ensures service completion.
  • Double bag all pet waste…..or anyone’s waste for that matter. This comes all the way down from DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control).
  • Keep bag weight under 25 pounds. Distributing weight to multiple bags will prevent bags from breaking, draw strings from snapping, and service valets from grumbling.


  • Place loose trash in your trash receptacle. This can attract bugs or larger pests.
  • Dispose of hazardous material/sharp objects. These items need to be disposed of properly for everyone’s safety.
  • Set out oversized items (i.e. appliances, furniture, large boxes) for your service valet. As much as we would like to haul off everything, large items can disrupt service and present safety issues.
  • Leave your trash receptacle outside all day. Once service has been provided, bringing in your trash can is one more way to reduce pest problems.
  • Put liquids in your trash. Even though service valets are experts in avoiding the dreaded drip trail, disposing of liquids prior to placing items in the trash will guarantee your bag will not leak.

Following these basic guidelines will keep your service running smoothly and keep your community looking great. If we work together, waste valet will continue to be a way of life for our families and provide convenience/ peace of mind for yours.