Charleston Apartment Association Committees

Below you will find a list of the committees that the Charleston Apartment Association has to offer.

Charleston Cares Committee

The goal of Charleston Cares is to provide financial support to specific charitable organizations as decided on by the board of directors. To achieve this mission the committee heads are responsible for developing a two year focus plan. This Focus Plan should include who is to be served to include financial and physical contributions to local charitable organizations.  This committee meets as needed, especially around the time of the charity golf tournament.  Kathlina Sampson, and Anne Machowski, 

Communications Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to maintain the website with current information for the membership and maintaining social media accounts with pertinent information to keep members informed and engaged.  This committee meets as needed.  Carly Haslett, 

Education Committee

The Co-chairs of the Education Committee prepare an annual education schedule. The Education Committee Co-chairs must be dedicated to creating seminars and classes that will provide both a financial and educational value for the members that attend, as well as produce revenue for the association. They must constantly search for new and interesting speakers and teachers so that the interest in the educational opportunities remains high. The Education Committee must also coordinate with the National Apartment Association to ensure that the proper designations, certificates, etc. are awarded to our members that have met the necessary requirements.  This committee meets monthly.  Michael Bell, and Michelle Gordon, 

Leadership Experience through Active Development

The LEAD program serves to provide an opportunity for deserving candidates to experience all facets of the Charleston Apartment Association in order to cultivate our future leaders. The main goal of the program is to train qualified individuals to serve as Committee Members, Committee Chairs, and/or Board Members. Subsequent goals are to provide much needed assistance (physical and creative) to the current Committee Chairs; create more interest and excitement throughout the membership in order to help increase attendance at meetings and events; and help develop the professional careers of the individuals involved.  This committee rotates through all committees each month throughout the year.  Ruthann Klaiber, 

Legislative Committee

As members of the CAA we have united for the purpose of improving services of the apartment industry, staying abreast of legislative issues, networking among our members, offering educational programs and more. With this in mind the legislative committee assists in all of the goals mentioned by staying informed about the political happenings on both a local and a national level. Additionally this committee networks with other CAA members, lobbyists, SCAA members and NAA members. This committee's significant events each year are the attendance and participation in the NAA's Advocate Conference, planning of the annual PAC fundraiser and the Legislative/Education Cenference in Columbia.  This committee meets as needed.  Thomas Howard, and Michelle Lorick, 

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee meets monthly and has the responsibility of increasing and maintaining the membership of the association. This task is extremely important because the larger the membership is locally, the stronger our political muscle is locally and nationally. Maintaining and increasing the membership numbers also allows the CAA to provide more educational opportunities at better rates, to produce special events and increase the power and effectiveness of our charitable endeavors. It gives supplier partner members a larger potential client base as well. The Membership Committee coordinates the annual Member Kickoff Drive each January.  This committee meets monthly.  Myriam Ellis, and Sedra Charap,

Programs and Special Events Committee

The Programs and Special Events Committee is responsible for all dinner meeting arrangements including but not limited to securing the venue, scheduling of speakers and supplier partner spotlight, and planning the event. There are monthly events that are planned for in advance and created specifically for networking and camaraderie. The committee also plans the yearly Diamond Awards, the Bus Tour and the Oyster Roast.  This committee meets as needed.  Christy Dukes, 

Supplier's Council

The supplier’s council serves as a committee to get supplier partner members together to achieve several goals. A sampling of these goals includes: increasing supplier partner participation in CAA events, providing support for all CAA events as needed and planning and execution of the supplier partner trade show.  This committee meets monthly.  This committee meets monthly.  Joey Ingham, 

Next Gen

CAA Next Gen focuses on preparing apartment professionals that are new to the industry for CAA volunteer leadership roles and career advancement.  Launched in 2019, this committee is designed to identify, empower and inform successive waves of CAA volunteer leaders.  This committee meets as needed.  Dana Jiles,