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Charleston Apartment Association

The Charleston Apartment Association is a non-profit organization comprised of professionals that support, serve, advocate and educate the multi-family industry.  As leaders, we are dedicated to our industry’s growth and its evolution.

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Charleston Apartment Association


PO Box 13268 Charleston, SC 29422

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The Charleston Apartment Association is one of the fastest growing associations in Charleston, as the demand for apartments in the tri-county area continues to expand. Just in the past year, the CAA membership has grown exponentially, providing a valuable opportunity to garner new industry contacts while learning more about the apartment industry as it continues to thrive. The Charleston Apartment Association seeks to improve the industry by offering its members an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally through educational classes, networking connections and charitable endeavors. 

If you’re a current CAA member and would like to request a membership list, click here.

As an organization we’re always evolving and your feedback is welcomed and valued.  It is important to remember that the CAA leadership is comprised of a volunteer board and no one board member is solely responsible for any one aspect of our organization.  Please email with any thoughts/suggestions you may have so as a board we may look at your feedback and how to better to serve our members.