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Maintenance Manager Duo Webinar

Thursday, August 27, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)
49 Seats Remaining

Event Details

Maintenance/Manager duo on how to prepare for an owner visit. All the tips and tricks to make your life easier, build confidence with the ownership group, and receive approval on recommendations quickly.  Taught by Leslie Mathis.  This class is worth 1 CEC.

Sponsored by Perfect Landscapes.

April Stockwell
April Stockwell Parks at Nexton
Ashlie Damitz - 1
Ashlie Damitz - 1 Bellary Flats
Barry Hoffman
Barry Hoffman Nirenblatt & Hoffman
Brent  Williams
Brent Williams Multifamily Insiders
chris young
chris young Bell Partners Inc
Cindy Brown
Cindy Brown The Six
Dana Jiles
Dana Jiles Regional Manager Bell Partners Inc
Danielle King
Danielle King Elan Midtown
Delores Todd
Delores Todd Property Manager Devon Pointe
Donna Bolewitz
Donna Bolewitz Grayco Properties
Elizabeth Coble
Elizabeth Coble Senior Marketing Director Lincoln Property Company
Ellen Hoffman
Ellen Hoffman Nirenblatt & Hoffman
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Mosby Ingleside
Joy Goldsmith
Joy Goldsmith HPI Property Management, Inc.
June Gauss
June Gauss Townhouse Village
Kim McCall
Kim McCall Lincoln Property Company
Kristi Ellis
Kristi Ellis Varner Commercial Properties
Kymber Jones
Kymber Jones Community Manager Greystar Regional
LaCole Gadson
LaCole Gadson HHHunt
Melanie Lawrimore
Melanie Lawrimore Lincoln Property Company
Michelle Gordon
Michelle Gordon Dwell at Greenridge (Planter's Crossing)
Pamela Blackwell
Pamela Blackwell Nirenblatt & Hoffman
Pamela Blackwell - 1
Pamela Blackwell - 1 Nirenblatt & Hoffman
Patty Aitken
Patty Aitken Regional Sales Executive Valet Living
Ruthann Klaiber
Ruthann Klaiber Aspire Apartments
Sabra Ellison
Sabra Ellison PMIC Arium St. Ives
Shaw Goolsby-Miller
Shaw Goolsby-Miller Artisan Living Wescott
Tara Fichter
Tara Fichter Senior Regional Manager Lincoln Property Company
Taylor Warren
Taylor Warren Arrogate Village Apartments
Travis Millner
Travis Millner Bell Partners Inc
Wendy Tucker
Wendy Tucker Senior VP of Operations CF Real Estate Services
5 Other Registered Attendees