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Spill the Tea Breakfast

Thursday, June 29, 2023
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)

Event Details

Start off with a quarterly market and construction update with Cathy Hontz from Rent.

Next learn more about how to manage ESAs on your property with You Bet Your Assets hosted by Victoria Cowart with PetScreening.

Tami Allen
Tami Allen Regional Manager Pegasus Residential
Daniel Bretzke
Daniel Bretzke Community Manager The Merchant
Stan Buckowich
Stan Buckowich Superior Blacktop Services
Crystal Capone
Crystal Capone Amenity Collective (frmly Heartline Fitness)
Alicia Carvajal
Alicia Carvajal Associate Attorney Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Rachel Hechavarria
Rachel Hechavarria Property Manager Madison Communities
Jillian Mays
Jillian Mays Assistant Community Manager NHE, Inc.
Mandy Mays-Polin
Mandy Mays-Polin District Sales Manager Rent.
Liz Nelson
Liz Nelson Atlantic Palms
Kerri Pflieger
Kerri Pflieger Greystar; Atlantic on Romney
Tresha Pontillo
Tresha Pontillo Greystar; Atlantic on Romney
Ronji Richardson
Ronji Richardson Palms Associates
Prudence Vanderhorst
Prudence Vanderhorst The Jaunt ( frmly Aster Place)
Alyssa Williams
Alyssa Williams Regional Sales Director Furniture Services Inc.(FSI)
Laura Williamson
Laura Williamson Furniture Services Inc.(FSI)
10 Other Registered Attendees