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Holiday Oyster Roast

Friday, December 2, 2022
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (EST)

Sweetgrass Pavilion at Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park

99 Harry M. Hallman Junior Boulevard
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
United States
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Event Details

Join the holiday cheer with your industry friends. 

Includes food, beer and wine.

Fri, Dec 2, Mt. Pleasant Memorial WATERFRONT Park



$99/member after Nov. 18

Grand Sponsor $500 - Poo Prints South Carolina

Bar Sponsor $400 - Rent.

Band Sponsor $300 - Superhero Fire Protection

Oyster Sponsor $300 - Carolina Waste and Recycling

Wine Toss Sponsor $350 - Greystar

"Whole Hog" BBQ Sponsor $250 - Superhero Fire Protection

Appetizer Sponsor $250 - 1 Tom Plumber

Dessert Sponsor $250 - 
Securitas Security Services

Each sponsorship includes logos on communications that go out and shoutouts on social media.

The grand sponsor will have the largest logo along with signage throughout the venue,be able to put out swag, & shoutouts from the band. Bar, Oyster, Appetizer, Dessert and BBQ sponsors will include signage by that station & the ability to put out swag by that station. Does not include tickets to the event. Email your logo to

The Band Sponsor will receive multiple shoutouts from the band throughout the night along with signage by the band.

Allison Mull
Allison Mull Property Manager Quarterdeck at James Island
Andrew Jankiewicz
Andrew Jankiewicz Riverland Woods
Andrew Phelan
Andrew Phelan Project Manager/Estimator Flooring Services LLC
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson Business Development / Sales Manager 1 Tom Plumber
Anne Machowski
Anne Machowski Regional Director RangeWater Real Estate
Anthony Melendez
Anthony Melendez VTT Management
Bradley Cole
Bradley Cole Monster Clean
Bruce Ackermann
Bruce Ackermann Regional Manager - South Carolina Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Carly Haslett
Carly Haslett Rent.
Cassandra Larry
Cassandra Larry Securitas Security Services
Christina Crosby
Christina Crosby VTT Management
Christine Abeyta
Christine Abeyta Community Manager VTT
Christy Dukes
Christy Dukes Regional Sales Director Rent.
Colby Rotach
Colby Rotach Pivotal Restoration
Daniel Bretzke
Daniel Bretzke Community Manager Greystar
David Barabas
David Barabas PooPrints
Donna Bolewitz
Donna Bolewitz Grayco Properties
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Eric Goshorn - 1
Eric Goshorn - 1 ServPro of South & West Charleston
Gene Leverett
Gene Leverett Chamberlain Pines
Haley Thomas
Haley Thomas Property Manager VTT Management - Paxton Point Hope
Jackie Sirois
Jackie Sirois Belfor USA Group Inc.
Jada Robinson
Jada Robinson Chamberlain Pines
James Jacobs
James Jacobs GM/CFO Flooring Services LLC
Jennifer Baird
Jennifer Baird Summer Wind Apartments
Jessica Keele
Jessica Keele Madison Communities
Joe Clark
Joe Clark Superhero Fire Protection
John Davis
John Davis ServPro of South & West Charleston
Josh Dyer
Josh Dyer Perfect Landscapes, Inc
Justina Steenken
Justina Steenken Abberly at West Ashley
Kaitlyn Klaiber
Kaitlyn Klaiber The Porter
Kate Rohrbaugh
Kate Rohrbaugh Riviera at Seaside Apartments
Kathlina Sampson
Kathlina Sampson Greystar
Kathryn Gorman
Kathryn Gorman BG Multifamily
Kathy Cullinan - 1
Kathy Cullinan - 1 Bath Fitter
Kimberly Gibbs
Kimberly Gibbs Leasing Professional The Hudson
Kirsten Bittner
Kirsten Bittner Greystar
Kristen Snyder
Kristen Snyder Community Manager VTT Management
Kymber Jones
Kymber Jones Community Manager Greystar
LaCole Gadson
LaCole Gadson HH Hunt Charleston
Laura Morrison
Laura Morrison Greystar
Lauren Pelloni
Lauren Pelloni AdaLease Property Management
Lexi Friedman
Lexi Friedman Crescent Pointe
Lindsey Schofield
Lindsey Schofield Assistant Community Manager The Reserve at Wescott Plantation
Mandy Mays-Polin
Mandy Mays-Polin District Sales Manager Rent.
Maria Horn
Maria Horn Property Manager Crescent Pointe
Matt Watson
Matt Watson Flooring Services LLC
Max Banford
Max Banford First Onsite Property Restoration
Maxwell Brasington
Maxwell Brasington Atlantic at Grand Oaks
Michael Omohundro
Michael Omohundro Atlantic Bedding & Furniture
Nelly Chesnul
Nelly Chesnul Tribute Properties
Ruthann Klaiber
Ruthann Klaiber Madison Communities
Salli Smith
Salli Smith Carolina Waste & Recycling
Scott Dionne
Scott Dionne STAG Partners
Sedra Charap
Sedra Charap Director of Property Management JDC Management
Steve Hodge
Steve Hodge STAG Partners
Tammy Carvajal
Tammy Carvajal AdaLease Property Management
Todd Bell
Todd Bell Operations Manager Superhero Fire Protection
Tracy Eidson
Tracy Eidson Territory Manager Carolina Waste & Recycling
Turner Waldrup
Turner Waldrup Lowcountry Waste Collectors
Yesenia Quinones
Yesenia Quinones Crickentree Apartments
63 Other Registered Attendees