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Financials Class

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)

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Understanding Property Financials for Property Associates AND Suppliers: Strengthening Partnerships through Knowledge with Mindy McCorkle

Practically every decision a property associate makes can impact the property’s financial picture. Understanding how those decisions impact the big picture is a critical success skill. 

When suppliers and service providers ask their customers to spend money with them, they need to understand what that means to property. That understanding is often the linchpin of the customer partnership.  

In this two hour virtual session, we’ll explore these three concepts in depth and each attendee will come away with new tools to add to their toolbox.

 1) How the financial status of the property can be impacted by every site associate as well as every supplier.

2) How to understand the financial concepts that should factor into our decisions.

3) Valuable calculations to help property associates make better decisions and to help suppliers strengthen their property partnerships.

 The class is worth two CECs.

Amanda Slade - 1
Amanda Slade - 1 The Jasper
Amie Dufek
Amie Dufek Property Manager Greystar
Ashley Cantey
Ashley Cantey The Beach Company
Ashlie Damitz - 1
Ashlie Damitz - 1 Bellary Flats
Bobbie Corbet
Bobbie Corbet Brick Lane
Charlotte Wade
Charlotte Wade Brick Lane
Chris Spriggs
Chris Spriggs Brick Lane
Dana Cox
Dana Cox Brick Lane
Donna Bolewitz
Donna Bolewitz Grayco Properties
Hannah Hutchinson
Hannah Hutchinson Lincoln Property Company
Jaymes McCloud
Jaymes McCloud J.H.W. Enterprises Property Management
Kymberly Wuelzer
Kymberly Wuelzer Regional Property Manager Kettler Management
Lance Calhoun
Lance Calhoun Brick Lane
Laura Snyder
Laura Snyder Brick Lane
Laura Williamson
Laura Williamson Furniture Services Inc.(FSI)
Liz Mcmanus
Liz Mcmanus Brick Lane
Mandy Bilton
Mandy Bilton Property Manager Grayco Properties
Maylin Bueno
Maylin Bueno Audubon Park Apartments
Melanie Davis
Melanie Davis Brick Lane
Melissa Wagner
Melissa Wagner Property Manager Silvana Oaks
Ruthann Klaiber
Ruthann Klaiber Harper Place Apartments
Shalette Allen
Shalette Allen Palmetto Creek
Sheri Davis
Sheri Davis Brick Lane
Somone Humphry
Somone Humphry Palmetto Creek
Whittney Nicholson
Whittney Nicholson Brick Lane
Will Segrest
Will Segrest Greenwood at Ashley River
2 Other Registered Attendees