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Diamond Awards

Friday, July 16, 2021
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (EDT)

* Registration open until 7/1/21 at 11:59 PM (EDT)

Event Details

Due to COVID-19 The Gaillard is limiting seating.   Once that limit is met registration will immediately close.

Alan Neubauer
Alan Neubauer Pegasus Residential
Alexandria Vaughan
Alexandria Vaughan RangeWater Real Estate
Allyson Ellsworth
Allyson Ellsworth VTT Management
Alyssa Campolong
Alyssa Campolong Client Engagement Manager Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Alyssa Christman
Alyssa Christman VTT Management
Andrew Jankiewicz
Andrew Jankiewicz Pegasus Residential
Anne Machowski
Anne Machowski Regional Director RangeWater Real Estate
Anthony Melendez
Anthony Melendez VTT Management
Ashley Barber
Ashley Barber RangeWater Real Estate
Ashli Siggins
Ashli Siggins Leasing Consultant Atlantic at Grand Oaks
Ashlie Damitz - 1
Ashlie Damitz - 1 Bellary Flats
Beth Dolan
Beth Dolan Greystar Regional
Bradley Cole
Bradley Cole Monster Clean
Brent Laverty
Brent Laverty Regional Manager 1st Choice Construction
Brian Stokes
Brian Stokes The Watch on Shem Creek
Bridgeside Leasing
Bridgeside Leasing Greystar Regional
Brittany Yedlosky
Brittany Yedlosky Events & Brand Manager Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Brooklyn Paul
Brooklyn Paul Elan Midtown
Bruce Ackermann
Bruce Ackermann Regional Manager - South Carolina Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Cameron Gaines
Cameron Gaines Elan Midtown
Caroline McCully
Caroline McCully Greystar Regional
Cassandra Larry
Cassandra Larry Securitas Security Services
Cathy Hontz
Cathy Hontz RentPath
Chelsea Countie - 1
Chelsea Countie - 1 Greystar Regional
Chloe Alsberry
Chloe Alsberry Greystar Regional
Chris Loebsack
Chris Loebsack Managing Principal Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Christian Ensminger
Christian Ensminger Vandelay Waste Valet
Christina Crosby
Christina Crosby Pegasus Residential
Christina Herrold
Christina Herrold Greystar Regional
Christy Dukes
Christy Dukes Regional Sales Director RentPath
Cindy Lemons
Cindy Lemons Regional Sales Manager BG Staffing
Crystal Capone - 1
Crystal Capone - 1 Heartline Fitness System
Dana Jiles
Dana Jiles Regional Manager Bell Partners Inc
Daniel Village
Daniel Village Lincoln Property Company
Darla Stewart
Darla Stewart Advisor VTT Management
Debbie Sosa
Debbie Sosa RangeWater Real Estate
Denise Elliott
Denise Elliott Community Manager Ashton Woods
Devin Byrd
Devin Byrd Maritime Pools LLC
diane moore
diane moore The Watch on Shem Creek
Donna Bolewitz
Donna Bolewitz Grayco Properties
Elizabeth Coble
Elizabeth Coble Senior Marketing Director Lincoln Property Company
Enzul Menfezz
Enzul Menfezz Elan Midtown
Eric Kramer
Eric Kramer Private I Print Promotions, LLC
Felicia Lassiter-Smith
Felicia Lassiter-Smith Grayco Properties
Gene Leverett
Gene Leverett Greystar Regional
Hannah Hutchinson
Hannah Hutchinson Lincoln Property Company
Harli Mason
Harli Mason VTT Management
Helen Vest
Helen Vest The Watch on Shem Creek
Hunter Helms
Hunter Helms Cooper River Farms
Hunter Toler-Goodwin
Hunter Toler-Goodwin Greystar Regional
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Mosby Ingleside
Jaclyn Ashmore
Jaclyn Ashmore Greystar
Jay Smith
Jay Smith General Counsel ResponseGrid, LLC
Jeanne Everett
Jeanne Everett Grayco Properties
Jennifer Murphy
Jennifer Murphy Carter Haston Holdings
Jerry Scott
Jerry Scott Co-Founder / CEO ResponseGrid, LLC
Jessica Vickery
Jessica Vickery VTT Management
Joey Ingham
Joey Ingham Apartments.Com
John Price
John Price Chadwell Supply - SC
Josh Dyer
Josh Dyer Perfect Landscapes, Inc
Kaila Smith
Kaila Smith Fairfield Residential
Kandi Rice
Kandi Rice RangeWater Real Estate
Kara Hoffman
Kara Hoffman Account Manager Belfor USA Group Inc.
Karen Fones
Karen Fones The Ansonborough House
Kathlina Sampson
Kathlina Sampson Greystar Regional
Kathryn Gorman
Kathryn Gorman BG Staffing
Kayla Rendall
Kayla Rendall Property Manager Alta Shores
Ken Gray
Ken Gray Chadwell Supply - SC
Kimberly Gibbs
Kimberly Gibbs Leasing Professional The Hudson
Kristi Sheppard
Kristi Sheppard Grayco Properties
Kristie OConnor
Kristie OConnor SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston
Kristoffer Saunders
Kristoffer Saunders Property Manager The Hudson
Krystina Zipprich
Krystina Zipprich Perfect Landscapes, Inc
Krystle Stephens
Krystle Stephens Community Manager Haven at Indigo Square - Lincoln Property Company
Kymber Jones
Kymber Jones Community Manager Greystar Regional
Kymberly Wuelzer
Kymberly Wuelzer Regional Property Manager Kettler Management
Laura Ward
Laura Ward Property Management Sales Representative Sherwin Williams Paint Company
Lindsey Miller
Lindsey Miller Simmons Park
Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor Greystar Regional
Liz Nelson
Liz Nelson Kettler Management
Liz Newkirk
Liz Newkirk Manager of Digital Media Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Lorin Pritchard
Lorin Pritchard Cooper's Ridge
Lydia Ackerman
Lydia Ackerman Darby Development Co.
Mandy Bilton
Mandy Bilton Property Manager Grayco Properties
Mandy Mays-Polin
Mandy Mays-Polin District Sales Manager RentPath
Marina DeMelfi
Marina DeMelfi Sales Representative, Sherwin-Williams Paint Co Sherwin Williams Paint Company
Matt Cunningham
Matt Cunningham Sundance
Matt Morrison
Matt Morrison Client Services Manager Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Melanie Lawrimore - 1
Melanie Lawrimore - 1 Newbrook Point Hope
Melissa Wagner
Melissa Wagner Property Manager Silvana Oaks
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Director of Client Relations Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Mosby Ingleside
Michael Harrington
Michael Harrington Senior Associate Attorney Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Michelle Gordon
Michelle Gordon Dwell at Greenridge (Planter's Crossing)
Michelle Lorick
Michelle Lorick Community Manager The Avenues of West Ashley
Nelly Chesnul
Nelly Chesnul Ashton Woods
Patty Aitken
Patty Aitken Regional Sales Executive Valet Living
Phillip Lafayette
Phillip Lafayette Grayco Properties
Robert Knight
Robert Knight Pivotal Restoration
Ryan king
Ryan king Maritime Pools LLC
Ryane Osborne
Ryane Osborne Leasing Manager VTT Management
Ryley Kennard
Ryley Kennard Lincoln Property Company
Sabra Ellison
Sabra Ellison PMIC Pine Valley Construction
Sallie Moore
Sallie Moore Director, Business Development 1st Choice Construction
Sarah Fitzgerald
Sarah Fitzgerald Greystar Regional
Sarah Kiernan
Sarah Kiernan Asssistant Community Manager The Watch on Shem Creek
Sarah Phillips
Sarah Phillips VTT Management
Sedra Charap
Sedra Charap Director of Property Management JDC Management
Shakara Jefferson
Shakara Jefferson Thickett Apartments
Shawn Barney
Shawn Barney Chadwell Supply - SC
Stacy Sáenz-Lopez
Stacy Sáenz-Lopez Owner of TurnPro Make Ready Specialist, LLC TurnPro Make Ready Specialist, LLC
Stefanie Zdunczyk
Stefanie Zdunczyk Pegasus Residential
Steve Hodge
Steve Hodge STAG Construction LLC
Suzy Spell
Suzy Spell Property Manager North Bluff Apartments
Tami Allen
Tami Allen Regional Manager Pegasus Residential
Tammy Carvajal
Tammy Carvajal American Landmark
Tara Fichter
Tara Fichter Senior Regional Manager Lincoln
Taylor Warren
Taylor Warren Greystar Regional
Taylor Warren
Taylor Warren The Wilder
Thomas Howard
Thomas Howard Brownlee, Whitlow & Praet
Tracy Jedrey
Tracy Jedrey Grayco Properties
Valencia Hughes
Valencia Hughes Assistant Property Manager Grayco Properties
Wendy Dorchester
Will Brownlee
Will Brownlee Of Counsel Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Yesenia Quinones
Yesenia Quinones Darby Development Co.
Zach Giroux
Zach Giroux Grayco Properties
258 Other Registered Attendees