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2024 CAA Diamond Awards

Friday, March 22, 2024
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)
Lydia Ackerman
Lydia Ackerman Darby Development Co.
Bruce Ackermann
Bruce Ackermann Regional Manager - South Carolina Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Patty Aitken
Patty Aitken Rite Rug Flooring
Tami Allen
Tami Allen Lake City Living
Chloe Alsberry
Chloe Alsberry Asher
Deserae Alston
Deserae Alston Wellington Place
Rachael Anderson
Rachael Anderson Madison Communities
Jennifer Baird
Jennifer Baird Waverly Place-Kettler
Ashley Barber
Ashley Barber RangeWater Real Estate
Shawn Barney
Shawn Barney Chadwell Supply - SC
Laura Beers
Laura Beers RangeWater Real Estate
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Director of Client Relations Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Todd Bell
Todd Bell Operations Manager Superhero Fire Protection
Tiffiny Biondo-Craver
Tiffiny Biondo-Craver The Passage
Kirsten Bittner
Kirsten Bittner Greystar
Chelsea Black
Chelsea Black Willow Bridge (frmly Lincoln)
Donna Bolewitz
Donna Bolewitz Grayco Properties
Zach Bradley
Zach Bradley Business Developer BrightView Landscaping
Daniel Bretzke
Daniel Bretzke Property Manager Avalon Charleston LLC
DaJohn Brown
DaJohn Brown The Retreat at Carlile Townes
Geoffrey Brown
Geoffrey Brown Pegasus Residential / Parks at Nexton
Kayla Brown - 2
Kayla Brown - 2 The Ames - Willow Bridge
Scott Brown
Scott Brown HD Supply
Steven Brown
Steven Brown Madison Communities
Susan Burke
Susan Burke Continental Realty Corp
Taylor Cambron
Taylor Cambron RangeWater Real Estate
Ashley Cantey
Ashley Cantey Property Manager The Jasper
Dannica Cart
Dannica Cart Community Manager Botanic at Ingleside
Kenzie Carter
Kenzie Carter Bell Partners Inc
Tammy Carvajal2
Tammy Carvajal2 ASSET LIVING
Staci Chappell
Staci Chappell GrayCo - Belle Hall
Sedra Charap
Sedra Charap Director of Property Management JDC Management
Alyssa Christman
Alyssa Christman Willow Bridge (frmly Lincoln)
Tammy Church-Enbusk
Tammy Church-Enbusk VP Executive Assistant Darby Development Co.
Caitlyn Clark
Caitlyn Clark Cushman Wakefield
Samon Clark
Samon Clark Birge & Held
Terri Clopton
Terri Clopton Willow Bridge (frmly Lincoln)
Michelle Coan
Michelle Coan Pegasus Residential
Tiffany Cochran
Tiffany Cochran Regional Sales Manager Impact Trash Solutions
Bradley Cole
Bradley Cole Owner Monster Clean
Charles Cole
Charles Cole Crescent Insurance Advisers
Trice Coleman
Trice Coleman American Landmark
Shane Collier
Shane Collier Treehaven Apts
Roselyn Coll-Virella
Roselyn Coll-Virella Birge & Held
Chase Cooke
Chase Cooke Brownlee, Whitlow & Praet
Maegan Corcoran
Maegan Corcoran Senior Regional Manager FCA Management
Jacob Cox
Jacob Cox Madison Communities
Sarah Crawley
Sarah Crawley Willow Bridge (frmly Lincoln)
Christina Crosby
Christina Crosby GCI Residential
Christy Cummings
Christy Cummings Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Holly Davis
Holly Davis FCA Management
Noelle Daykin
Noelle Daykin FCA Management
Marina DeMelfi
Marina DeMelfi Sales Representative, Sherwin-Williams Paint Co Sherwin Williams Paint Company
Jennifer DiCenzo
Jennifer DiCenzo Account Executive A & I Fire and Water Restoration
Beth Dolan
Beth Dolan Greystar
Wendy Dorchester
Wendy Dorchester Chief Operating Officer Lake City Living
Katie Doster
Katie Doster Greystar
Amie Dufek
Amie Dufek Business Manager Willow Bridge - Restore at Carolina Park
Christy Dukes
Christy Dukes Regional Sales Director Rent.
Rachel Duncan
Rachel Duncan Central Island Square
Morgan Dunn
Morgan Dunn Associate Attorney Brownlee, Whitlow & Praet
Josh Dunston
Josh Dunston Community Manager Quarterra - Cormac
Chantel Echols
Chantel Echols Grayco Properties
Jenna Edgeworth
Jenna Edgeworth Community Manager American Landmark
Myriam Ellis
Myriam Ellis Mosby Ingleside
Sarah Ellis
Sarah Ellis PM FCA Management
Tashina Eltantawy
Tashina Eltantawy Vesta Creeks Run
Erik Emmett
Erik Emmett Blue Collars
Alex Espinoza
Alex Espinoza Blue Collars
Joy Fann
Joy Fann Madison Harper Place
Tara Fichter
Tara Fichter Area Vice President Willow Bridge (frmly Lincoln)
Evita Fikes2
Evita Fikes2 Cushman Wakefield
Therena Finley
Therena Finley FCA Management
Althea Fretthold
Althea Fretthold The Grove at Carolina Park
Tamala Gadsden
Tamala Gadsden GrayCo - Belle Hall
Alisha Gagliano
Alisha Gagliano Community Manager Bell Partners Inc
Aaronne Gates
Aaronne Gates American Landmark
Amanda Ghi
Amanda Ghi Assistant Property Manager The Landing Townhomes
Kimberly Gibbs
Kimberly Gibbs Leasing Professional Atlantic at Grand Oaks
Samuel Gibson
Samuel Gibson Blue Collars
Barbara Gillis
Barbara Gillis Willow Bridge (frmly Lincoln)
Kayla Goldfarb
Kayla Goldfarb Alta Shores
Cassi Goode
Cassi Goode Sherwin Williams Paint Company
Michelle Gordon
Michelle Gordon Pegasus Residential
Kathryn Gorman
Kathryn Gorman Regional Sales Manager - North Central BG Multifamily
Kyla Graham
Kyla Graham Silvana Oaks
Chyna Grant
Chyna Grant Valet Living
Carlye Guthrie
Carlye Guthrie Atlantic Beach House
Max Hahne
Max Hahne Maintenance Tech Greystar
Stephen Haralambis
Stephen Haralambis HD Supply
Britton Harrell
Britton Harrell Eller Capital Partners
Carly Haslett
Carly Haslett Sales Executive at Rent. Rent.
Matthew Haverstuhl
Matthew Haverstuhl American Landmark
Rachel Hechavarria
Rachel Hechavarria Property Manager Madison Communities
Christina Herrold
Christina Herrold Greystar
Andres Hidalgo
Andres Hidalgo Birge & Held
Cathy Hontz
Cathy Hontz Senior Sales Executive Rent.
Jerry Horne
Jerry Horne Maintenance technician CRC Realty
Stephanie Hovis
Stephanie Hovis Greystar
Thomas Howard
Thomas Howard Brownlee, Whitlow & Praet
Ginny Imbrogno
Ginny Imbrogno Cormac
Joey Ingham
Joey Ingham Apartments.Com
Christy Jacks
Christy Jacks Rite Rug Flooring
Andrew Jankiewicz - 1
Andrew Jankiewicz - 1 Oakleaf Townhouses
Katy Jansen
Katy Jansen Cushman and Wakefield
Shakara Jefferson
Shakara Jefferson Willow Bridge (frmly Lincoln)
Jesse Jenkins
Jesse Jenkins Valet Living
Brooklyn Jernagan
Brooklyn Jernagan Berkeley Homes - Greystar
Dana Jiles
Dana Jiles Regional Manager Bell Partners Inc
Holly Jones
Holly Jones Grayco Properties
Kymber Jones
Kymber Jones Community Manager The Reserve at Wescott Plantation
Miles Jones - 1
Miles Jones - 1 Darby Development Co.
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Bellary Flats/ Willow Bridge
Quinn Kerrigan
Quinn Kerrigan FCA Management
Danielle King
Danielle King 10 Westedge St
Tracy King
Tracy King RAM Partners, LLC
Nathan Kitchen
Nathan Kitchen Maintenance Supervisor Alta Shores
Carolyn Kitsock
Carolyn Kitsock Lease Up Assistant Community Manager Founders Yard Apartments
Kaitlyn Klaiber
Kaitlyn Klaiber Assistant Community Manager Madison Communities
Ruthann Klaiber
Ruthann Klaiber Operations/Yardi Support Manager Madison Communities
Jamie Kloncz
Jamie Kloncz Commercial Account Executive Blue Collars
Robert Knight
Robert Knight Pivotal Restoration
Eric Kramer
Eric Kramer Private I Print Promotions, LLC
Robin Lacheney
Robin Lacheney Darby Development Co.
Dianne Lang
Dianne Lang Regional Property Manager Ari Apartment Management (frmly RE Carroll Management)
Joshua Langdale
Karri Leckie
Karri Leckie GrayCo - Belle Hall
Gene Leverett
Gene Leverett Foundry Point Apartments
Michelle Lichtsinn
Michelle Lichtsinn Avana at Long Point (frmly Palms at Edgewater)
Sharna Littlejohn
Sharna Littlejohn Cobblestone Village
Melba Lombardi
Melba Lombardi Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Michelle Lorick - 1
Michelle Lorick - 1 Community Manager Founders Yard Apartments
Emily Lucas
Emily Lucas Madison Communities
Anne Machowski
Anne Machowski Regional Director RangeWater Real Estate
Cara Mahoney
Cara Mahoney Property Manager FCA Management
Ashley Malec
Ashley Malec Leasing Consultant FCA Management
Taylor Marion
Taylor Marion Assistant Property Manager FCA Management
Matthew Marshburn
Matthew Marshburn Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Mandy Mays-Polin
Mandy Mays-Polin District Sales Manager Rent.
Anna McCann
Anna McCann Madison Harper Place
Rebecca McCullen
Rebecca McCullen Community Manager Palmetto Grove Apartments
Caroline McCully
Caroline McCully Greystar
Jim McFadden
Jim McFadden Business Development / Sales Bella Mulch
Braden McQuarrie
Braden McQuarrie Madison Communities
Abby Merritt
Abby Merritt Brand Marketing Coordinator Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Kathy Merritt
Kathy Merritt Beckstone Apartments
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Narcisa Miller
Narcisa Miller Grayco Properties
Lauren Morbitzer
Lauren Morbitzer Divisional Vice President of Growth Apartment Life Inc
Laura Morrison
Laura Morrison The Greystar
Julie Mylin
Julie Mylin Heron Reserve
Jonathan Neubauer
Jonathan Neubauer Madison Communities
Anne Nidiffer
Anne Nidiffer Sales & Marketing Representative Rumsey Construction & Restoration
Cindy Nitschke
Cindy Nitschke Valet Living
Doug Norman
Doug Norman Regional Business Manager Heaven and Earth Landscaping
Christie O'Riley
Christie O'Riley Pegasus Residential
Nicole Ortiz
Nicole Ortiz Training & Development Manager Darby Development Co.
Dana Page
Dana Page Regional Manager American Landmark
Brent Painther
Brent Painther Painther Construction LLC
Brooklyn Paul
Brooklyn Paul The Jasper
Taylor Peake
Taylor Peake Paralegal - SC Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Anna Pfeiffer
Anna Pfeiffer Operations Manager Greystar
Renee Phillips - 1
Renee Phillips - 1 Effortless and Key
Bluewater PM
Bluewater PM FCA Management
Kerrie Powell
Kerrie Powell Palmetto Grove
John Price
John Price Chadwell Supply - SC
Amelia Ramage
Amelia Ramage Riverwood Apartments
SABLE RICE Berkeley Homes
Tyleesha Richardson
Tyleesha Richardson Brownlee, Whitlow & Praet
Lashanti Robinson
Lashanti Robinson Proximity Residences
Romello Robinson
Romello Robinson Birge & Held
Juan carlos Rodriguez
Juan carlos Rodriguez Professionals Painting and Carpet Cleaning, LLC
Kate Rohrbaugh
Kate Rohrbaugh Greystar - 1000 West
Colby Rotach
Colby Rotach Pivotal Restoration
Kathlina Sampson
Kathlina Sampson Greystar
Edward Schellenger
Edward Schellenger The Isaac
Lindsey Schofield
Lindsey Schofield Assistant Community Manager The Reserve at Wescott Plantation
Brooke Schwieters
Brooke Schwieters Client Services Manager RKW Residential
Tracy Self
Tracy Self Superhero Fire Protection
Falon Sharpe
Falon Sharpe Community Concierge Services
Kristi Sheppard
Kristi Sheppard GrayCo
Lisa Shuey
Lisa Shuey Senior Property Manager Brackenbrook
Michael Silky
Michael Silky Greystar
J. McJ. Saye Simpson
J. McJ. Saye Simpson Life Safety Consultant ADS Security (Vector Security)
Jaquala Simpson
Jaquala Simpson The Ashley
Jackie Sirois
Jackie Sirois Belfor USA Group Inc.
Glory Smith
Glory Smith American Landmark
Kellie Smith
Kellie Smith Director of Sales BG Multifamily
Kevin Smith - 1
Kevin Smith - 1 President Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Alyssa Snider
Alyssa Snider WestShore LLC
Kristen Snyder
Kristen Snyder PMIC Lake City Living
Suzy Spell
Suzy Spell Property Manager North Bluff Apartments
Krystle Stephens
Krystle Stephens Community Manager Haven at Indigo Square
K.C. Stewart
K.C. Stewart Martin's Creek Apartments
Garrett Sugg
Garrett Sugg Impact Trash Solutions
NICOLE SUGG Impact Trash Solutions
Bailey Szymanski
Bailey Szymanski Eviction Support Coordinator (SFR & SC) Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Baylee Taylor
Baylee Taylor Senior Marketing Associate Greystar
Mary Thodosoff
Mary Thodosoff Darby Development Co.
Jaycee Thompkins
Jaycee Thompkins American Landmark
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson Business Development / Sales Manager 1 Tom Plumber
Shannon Thompson
Shannon Thompson Crickentree Apartments
Kat Tolbert
Kat Tolbert Property Manager Treehaven Apts
Adriana Torres
Adriana Torres Silvana Oaks
Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres Silvana Oaks
Sean Tropea
Sean Tropea Brownlee, Whitlow & Praet
Natalie Tuman
Natalie Tuman Pine Valley Construction Company, LLC
Brittany Tuttle
Brittany Tuttle Property Manager The Landing Townhomes
Ashley Van Diemen
Ashley Van Diemen Proximity Residences
Alexandria Vaughan
Alexandria Vaughan RangeWater Real Estate
Turner Waldrup
Turner Waldrup Lowcountry Waste Collectors
Jennifer Walker
Jennifer Walker Greystar
Candice Weaver
Candice Weaver Community Manager The Mason
Darby Weiss
Darby Weiss The Grove at Carolina Park
Alyssa Williams
Alyssa Williams Regional Sales Director Furniture Services Inc.(FSI)
Crystal Wilson
Crystal Wilson Willow Bridge (frmly Lincoln)
Thomas Wimsatt
Thomas Wimsatt Sales Account Manager Southeast Floors
Sarah Worel
Sarah Worel Magna Pest Control LLC
Bora Yatagan
Bora Yatagan Sales Manager Maritime Pools LLC
Courtney Young
Courtney Young Property Manager Birge & Held
Jamie Zinna
Jamie Zinna Madison Communities
Matt Morrison
Matt Morrison Client Services Manager Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Michael Harrington
Michael Harrington Partner Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Will Brownlee
Will Brownlee Of Counsel Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
339 Other Registered Attendees