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Snap, Post, Repeat...

Snap, Post, Repeat…

Photo tips that will bring your Social Media content to the next level

By Jackie Smith

Let’s face it, finding eye-catching content in the multifamily industry can be hard sometimes. Whether we are property managers, contractors, or provide a specialty; the chances are you are on your own when it comes to social media images. That’s OK! Here are a few helpful tips to get the most out of your photos.

1. TAKE PHOTOS: This might seem obvious, but how often do we leave somewhere and say “I wish I took a photo!”? Half the battle is just remembering to take the picture in the first place. Keep your camera on hand and photos on the mind when participating in special events and any other noteworthy activities.

2. MAXIMIZE OPTIONS: In order to get a wide variety of content, include your co-workers/employees’ in on your social media crusade! Encourage them to capture and submit content for you to approve. Maybe add a little incentive for those who capture your company mission the best?

3. GROUP PHOTOS: Not everyone loves posing in group photos at networking functions, but this is a gold mine for image circulation. Say “cheese” and be sure to tag all the participants when you post this photo.

4. PUPPIES: If ever an opportunity presents itself where you can work in an adorable puppy photo, do it. I don’t know what it is about baby animals, but your audience WILL love it.

5. BE CONSISTENT: Keep a steady flow of visual content on your social media page. Start with once a week, and aim to post something almost every day. Keep photos interesting and informative, but don’t sacrifice quality to meet your posting goals.