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Multi Family Color Trends

Multi-Family Color Trends

By Jackie Bellwoar

By now, we all know that color is important. From unit walls to accent walls, your interior colors make an impact on your residents lives and your property’s curb appeal. Traditional colors, like Antique White, can project a very different image for your property than a modern gray.  2016 has been the year of “whites and grays”. Themes of minimalism, clean and cool tones. Luckily for us there is a strong move to move to “warmer grays”.

If you’re planning on doing a color change - warmer creams, warm grays or “grayeiges” are definitely in play. With the move to taupes, you will see a change in popular coordinating colors. The industry has noticed a strong move away from neons / primary colors to softer, more traditional “historical” colors. So basically the new taupe color trends will play right into the Charleston Historic Colors, talk about perfect! Expect to see Cornflower Hues, Organic Themed Greens and Golds, Vintage Pastels, Wines and Deep Purples, Rusty Reds and Corals, and pops of yellows. These may be some fabulous options for accent walls or model repaints.

With all of that color information in mind, a super trendy modern grey may be popular but it might not look great against warm tan counter tops. There are many ways to update your colors that also flatter your property.